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Internet Access Plans     Dial Up,ADSL 512k to 1500k, Unlimited Download ADSL $799,Permanent Connections + Wide Area Networks

 Print & Fax   Unlimited Download 56k Dial-Up  $16.95 /month

 Apply Online Unlimited Download 56k Dial-Up  $16.95 /month

 Apply Online ADSL 512k   from $26.95 / month

Internet Domain Name Registration

   Register your domain name here

Register your .com / .net/ .biz domain name here
Register .com/.net/.biz Domains.   Dot biz is the first Internet domain dedicated solely to global businesses. The dot biz domain space will be universally recognized as being the 'business domain space', and coupled with dot biz's global reach, will extend a businesses presence on the web.

Why an Internet Name?

For your business to survive in the future it will be imperative to have a web presence

and to have a web presence you will need an internet name. The combination of 100,000

registered names in, an astronomical growth rate per annum and a first come

first serve registration basis means that you need to register your names before someone

 else does. Also now available new top level domains, .Biz and .Info.


Why should you be on the web?

A web site on World Wide Web gives you a powerful means to reach a broad base of

 potential customers. In fact with a website its possible to make contact with more

 people at a lower cost than ever before. Plus the opportunity to build contacts and 

exchange information with people around the world is unmatched by any other medium.


What names are allowed?

* To register an Internet name you must be a registered Australian commercial entity.

* The internet name must be derived from your business or company name and

   in the order in which they appear.

* Only one domain name is allocated per commercial entity.

* Generic business categories and place names are not allowed.

* Beware of infringing other peoples trademark  rights.


What can we do for you?

* Give your business a powerful means to reach a broad range of customers.

* Allow contact with more people at a lower cost than ever before.


Our Services Include

* Registration of domain names (including .Biz and .Info)

* Creating a customised and individual website to suit your needs

* Managing changes

* Providing customised management reporting

* Working with you to promote your business

* Search Engine Optimisation- maximising search engine hits

* Providing ongoing support & Renewals


Email us at with any custom requirements

 you may have or request any extra information you may need




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